Often when we find ourselves dealing with a behavior problem....a misbehavior, we feel it will never be rectified. We may find our relationship starts spiralling downward as we try to avoid the problem.
This page is to show the success stories that are truly possible when you use the science of behavior to work with a problem. Some of the stories come from the email list called ParrotBAS located at Yahoo Groups.
This is a great list and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning about behavior.
It is my goal that eventually this page will be full of links of successes but all things start small.
The links below will take you to pages to read real life stories of change.
I hope that through reading them you will see the possibilities.
-An email reporting the amazing outcome with Chere and Sunny- Biting
-How trick training reduced biting with Rico
-S(uccess) File Maria and Sunshine (Biting) reported by S.G. Friedman and L. McGuire
-S(uccess) File Lee and Rockx (repetitive loud vocalizations) reported by S.Friedman and L. McGuire

-S(uccess) File Kathy and Reba (chasing another bird) reported by L. McGuire and S.G. Friedman Ph.D