The Other African Treasures

Just don't tell them I said "other"!
Bold, fiesty, comical, playful, timid, shy.......just some of the words I would use to describe this family of birds. The poicephalus family consists of the Senegal, Meyers, Red Bellied, Brownhead, Ruppells,
Niam-niam, Yellow-faced, Jardines, Capes, Brown-necked, and Grey Headed parrots. Of these, Capes, Yellow-faced and Niam-Niam are not seen in the pet trade. As a general rule, this family of birds is a relatively quiet family. While they can and do have a high pitched little screech, it is seldom used for yelling. I always think of the screech as that of enjoyment or excitement, much like a young child screaming in glee.

The smaller poicephalus (the above excluding the Jardines, Capes, Brown-necked and Grey Headed) are very similar in actions, attitudes and disposition, with any differences just being a difference of degrees. Senegals are said to be a little more assured, more outgoing. The Red Bellied's are said to be a little more extroverted with their actions around strangers and be better talkers, the Meyers are said to be a little more questioning, not quite as arrogant, but all in all, the characteristics of one will fit another.

Poicephalus can go through a few nippy stages but generally by age 2, put this all behind them and are wonderful, loving companions. They like to play, and play hard,often rolling around on their backs or hanging upside down. I have often wondered if my pet poi's are related to bats.

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