About Our Babies

All of our birds are handraised in a very loving enviroment. Chicks are usually removed from the nest at around 4 weeks of age. They are spoon fed or syringe fed (depending on the baby) from this day on, and are weaned using the principles of Abundance Weaning. This means there is no time frame set for weaning, no food is withheld, they wean when THEY want to and when THEY are ready.

From the time they are removed from the nest, their education is in loving and trusting humans, sharing time with humans, socializing with each sex and different age groups of humans. They learn from a young age that humans are worthy of their trust and love. While they are learning about humans, we also let them continue learning about birds, socializing with their siblings and other birds.

They are provided with a variety of toys of different colors, shapes and material from an early age to make them more accepting of different things later in life.

They are weaned to a variety of foods, including pellets, fresh veggies, fresh fruits, cooked beans/grains/veggie mix, sprouts and birdie bread. They are praised every step of the way with each new accomplishment they make during their weaning/socialization time, making them happy, content, trusting, fearless, well adjusted birds.

All our babies are allowed to fully fledge, learning not only how to fly, but to turn, hover and land anywhere. The skill of flying aids the birds to grow confidence and coordination, again, helping to create a well adjusted pet.

When you purchase a bird from us, you are not only getting a fully weaned, well socialized bird, but we will also supply you with any information you need as your days go on with your new friend. Pictures of *your* baby growing up will be included as well as a hatch certificate commemorating his/her hatch day and a DNA sexing certificate. Depending on the species of bird you are purchasing, a book relative to their care will be provided. Samples of foods he/she has been eating can also be sent.

We will also guarantee you a healthy baby.

Our endeavor is to provide you and your bird, the best possible chance for a life-long friendship.