Make a Tree Stand

Birds love different areas to sit and to play. There are many different types of stands, from the basic T-Stand to elaborate play stands. Some are made out of metal, some out of pvc and some out of natural branches. Natural branches allow for more foot exercise with the different diameter and angles of the perches.

The above stand is easily made and holds the interest of most birds. Please check listings to make sure that the wood you are going to use is bird safe. There are many lists on the internet to check this out. One can be found at Exotic Bird Website.

Heartfelt thanks to Roy Berger from The Parrot House for allowing me to post his tree stand instructions here. Visit his site for more wonderful information

Home Made Parrot Tree As pictured above

Project Overview

The size described is what I felt I needed for my flock. Depending upon
your needs and the size you can accommodate you may want to make the
play stand tray larger or smaller.

The instructions given describe the tray area and the method used to
attach the trees.

The support or leg structure used was an old table that I purchased at a
garage sale for $10.
The tray with the trees attached was bolted to the table by drilling 4 holes
holes through the tree tray and table and securing the two with 3/8" diameter,
2 1/2" long stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers.
Material List

1 piece of 1/2" plywood - 4'X 4' (half a sheet)
16 each, 2" wood screws - tapered head (countersink)
4 each 3/8" diameter bolts / nuts
2 each 3/8" diameter, 2 1/2" long lag bolts
1 quart of latex paint
Suggest Tools

skill saw or table saw (see note 1)
electric drill and 2 drill bits (see note 2)
tape measure
carpenters square
paint brush
Tray Construction

1. With the skill saw or table saw, cut a 3" piece off of each side of the
plywood. If you are using a skill saw you should use a guide to insure a
straight cut. These pieces will be used to make the raised edges around the sides of the tray area.
2. Pre-dill the edges of the plywood base to accommodate screws that will be
used to fasten the raised edges to the base.
Drill the holes about 10" apart.
3. Run a bead of wood glue along the plywood base edges where the raised edges
are going to be fastened.
4. Fasten the raised edges to the base using 1" wood screws.
5. Paint the tray with several coats of latex paint.
6. Drill 3/8" diameter holes in the tray where the base of the branch or branches will be located.
Tree Branch Preparation

1. I obtained my branches from the local forest. I picked branches that had the
shape I wanted insuring that the base of the branch was approximately 3" in diameter.
2. Drill a 5/16" diameter, 2 1/2" deep (aprox) hole the base of the branch
3. Secure the branches to the tray using lag bolt