On African Wings is a small, home based aviary located near Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan, Canada. While we previously raised Red-Tailed African Greys (commonly called Congo Greys), Timneh African Greys, and three of the Poicephalus family-Senegals, Meyers and Red Bellieds, we are now just breeding African Greys and only the Congo's at this time. We'll also continue raising the occasional Pacific parrotlet.
We have been raising well adjusted, fully fledged baby parrots since 1999. One cannot underestimate the importance of letting a baby fledge.
It is my endeavor for these pages to not only highlight the babies that we raise, but also to supply information pertaining to the care of these wonderful creatures.

Please feel free to e-mail me or call for any additional information
I may be able to supply.

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